Health and Medical Industry


PT Satu Gen Indonesia is a medical device manufacturing company that focuses on the production of medical devices in large quantities through a continuous innovation process, a strong technology system and the best human resources by implementing corporate cultural values in everyday life. Based on technological innovation, PT Satu Gen Indonesia continues to make quality products and the best services to achieve customer satisfaction by contributing to public health by providing proactive product development.


To become the leading medical device manufacturing company in Indonesia based on an innovative spirit, strong technology and superior management.


Providing advanced user-friendly products by combining bio-analysis technology and IT together with the enthusiasm of the workers.

Have an effective, efficient and healthy operating system with the principles of honesty and integrity.



Providing quality medical equipment that can become the community’s mainstay product with an accurate and easy-to-use measurement system that can be purchased anywhere, so that you will gain confidence and a feeling of security in its use and believe in the results of the product.