Information and Communication Technology


PT Bosnet Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Bosnet) is a company engaged in telecommunications services and integrated systems. Established since August 2020. We provide and provide services that customers need optimally through optimal resource management. Expanding the range of services in the business sector through innovative, effective and professional marketing patterns. Develop professional human resources.

Logo PT Bosnet Telekomunikasi Indonesia - PT Trinisyah Ersa Pratama


To become a trusted partner for customers in the telecommunications and ICT industry.


The business focus is focused on telecommunication service activities and system integrators in accordance with customer specifications and demands.

Optimizing customer business through telecommunication and ICT solutions so as to achieve sustainable industrial and economic growth.

Act as the main driver for the rise of the manufacturing industry
domestic and local human resources that are globally competitive.



Provide quality services on time, right quality (according to technical specifications) and right price (competitive and reasonable).

Instilling trust in your partner. Increase operating income and net profit of the company.
Improving the welfare of the company’s human resources.


Core Competition

Bosnet Telecommunications Indonesia Business Competition Scope